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The Bishop Radford Trust

The Bishop Radford Trust is a family run charity which supports Christian ministry in the UK and internationally. It works with a range of different charities and has given over £5.5 million to 340+ charities since it was founded in 2006.


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1 Positive leader in the field
1 Insightful
1 Friendly
1 Builds relationships
1 Openminded
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    Feb 3, 2020

    Funded for lesser amount - applied in 2019

    The Bishop Radford Trust have such a helpful website, which gives a clear overview of the Trust, particular interests and very clear guidelines. A key place to start would be the eligibility quiz to determine if you are eligible.


    Positive leader in the field Insightful Friendly Builds relationships Openminded Responsive


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    How would you rate this funder's accessibility?


    Very accessible and helpful, with clear headings, structured information, resources, news, FAQS and contact information.

    How successfully do you think this funder is accomplishing its goals as a funder?


    It was very helpful to understand about the different projects that were supported, which really gives an insight into this. These projects are clearly alligned to the priority areas of the Trust.

    Tell us one thing that this funder does really well

    The Bishop Radford Trust are great in their communication and clarity. The website is such a helpful resource and the correspondence by email is personal and very helpful too.

    If you had one piece of advice to give to this funder (about grantmaking or anything else), what would it be?

    I am so impressed with my whole experience of applying to the Trust. The only thing I would advise, would be to highlight the box at the top of the 'How to apply' page where it advises about taking the eligibility quiz. Alternatively it could be helpful to have this text highlighted in bold.

    How was your relationship overall with the funder?


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