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What is GrantAdvisor UK?

The lack of feedback loops in grantmaking practice is a significant barrier to a more effective sector. You can help us change that. We need efficient, equitable grantmaking practices and behaviours if we are to reach our ambitious goals as a sector, and respond to the growing needs of communities.

GrantAdvisor UK is an online service that encourages open dialogue between social impact organisations and grantmakers by collecting anonymous, public reviews on grantseekers’ experiences working with funders.

Our approach aims to gather honest and public feedback on grantmakers’ work, whilst also creating stronger peer sharing between social impact organisations.

Let’s break that down!

  • Honest feedback: We know from our work with charities that it can be challenging to provide funders with feedback, particularly when they are awaiting a decision on a funding application. Anonymity can help grantseekers feel they can be truly honest. That’s important because only genuine feedback will help us spot blind spots. This will help funders know where to invest time and energy to make improvements.
  • Public feedback: There is already a well established behaviour around this. Think about the last time you read a review on TrustPilot or TripAdvisor. Public feedback fosters shared accountability and trust. Honest, public feedback is also a powerful tool for influencing senior leaders.

    Got a question? Find answers to some frequently asked questions on our FAQs page.

Help us grow our community

Grantseekers can write a review for any grantmaking organisation listed on the service. It's also easy to share an experience working with other funders, including trusts and foundations or corporates, even if its not listed yet. To do this, please write a review and select 'Other' from the list of organisations. You will then be able to write your anonymous review.

We will get in touch with the funder to let them know they have received a review, and support them to register with GrantAdvisor UK. Thank you for helping us grow our community.

Where did the idea for GrantAdvisor UK come from?

We at CAST have partnered with Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN), who have been running GrantAdvisor in the USA with tremendous success and impact.

How can you get in touch with us?

You can complete this form, or email us at grantadvisor@wearecast.org.uk and we’ll be sure to get back to you.