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Bradford Producing Hub

Bradford Producing Hub aims to make sure Bradford is a creative city where lots of amazing live performance is happening all the time.

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Wates Family Enterprise Trust

The Wates Family Enterprise Trust is an independent charity set up by the Wates family, the owners of the Wates Group. Launched in 2008, the Trust is integral to the Wates family’s approach of being responsible business owners and its vision of being a force for good. The Trust’s mission is focused on building communities and improving lives beyond tomorrow. All the proposals for awards come from the Wates Family and Employees, as a result we are unable to accept unsolicited applications for funding.

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Sport England

Each year we invest more than £250 million of National Lottery and public money to help people play sport and take part in physical activity. We’ve always tried to address inequalities through our funding and particularly encourage applications for projects that support people who have poorer health outcomes and lower activity levels.

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SYP Trust

Our grants support small organisations working to transform the lives of children and young people in London.

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Gower Street

Gower Street (formerly The Marple Charitable Trust) is a small family foundation that was set up by Nick and Sophie Marple to fund education work in the UK and Ghana, In 2018 Gower Street pivoted the majority of its funds to addressing the climate crisis and in recognition of the urgency of the situation decided to disperse all their funds by 2030. The trust focuses their funding on small organisations, supporting them to scope and validate their ideas, enabling them to approach larger funders to help them further scale.

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Millions of people around the world are held back from achieving their full potential. Investing in education and skills is the answer. It is the foundation of opportunity and progress and creates better futures for all. Since 2016, Deloitte has focused on helping people in the UK overcome barriers to education and employment through our 5 Million Futures social impact strategy. Working with schools and charities, we mobilise our people through volunteering, fundraising and pro bono work to build better futures throughout the UK.

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The Leathersellers’ Foundation

The Leathersellers’ Foundation provides a wide range of funding to UK registered Charities, Educational Institutions and University Students.

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Trust for London

London is a deeply unequal city. We’re empowering people with the funds and the facts to change that. Each year we support hundreds of civil society organisations working across our capital to build a fairer city.

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Rayne Foundation

We look for creative ways of tackling entrenched social issues through the arts, health and wellbeing. We support projects that can be replicated and led by people with vision. We particularly welcome applications addressing our areas of special interest, within our broader criteria.